Who Are Our Student Officers for 2022-23?

With the Year Coming to an End, Meet Our Officers For Next Year

Who Are Our Student Officers for 2022-23?

Sarah Blakemore

Finals are coming, summer plans are being finalized, and shorts are finally being worn; summer is finally on the horizon. This means that the school year is almost over and that we also got to vote for our new Student Government Officers. A couple of weeks ago, on May 4th during advisory, each student at Mentor High had the opportunity to do their civic duty as a High-Schooler and vote for their Student Body President and Class President. Well, the results are in and these are your future Class Presidents and our Student Body President for the 2022-2023 school year.

Student Body President and Vice President: Anna English & Adriana Valerio

The students at Mentor High School have decided; Anna English and Adriana Valerio will be our next Student Body President and Vice President! Anna English, who is actually the sister of our current Student Body President, Claire English, is being passed the torch for next year’s Student Body President.

Many people might already know Anna English, considering she is our next Student Body President, but for those who don’t, you might want to be knowing who is representing us next year.

Anna English started Student Government in her Sophomore year and has been a phenomenal member since. Other than being in Student Government, Anna is in many other clubs. Some of these clubs include Future Leaders and the National Honors Society. Along with being in those clubs, Anna also plays volleyball and is in the Principal’s Advisory.

Anna wanted to be Student Body President for multiple reasons. Some of these include following in her sister’s footsteps and or continuing the outstanding work Claire has done for the school. But most importantly, she loves seeing the ideas that she tirelessly works on come true.

Anna says, “I really wanted to be Student Body President because I love organizing events and seeing the ideas I have come true.”

Anna is already hard at work creating new ideas and bringing back old activities that students loved at Mentor High School.

“We already have some ideas for the future of Mentor High such as activities for the assemblies, bringing back stall the teacher day, and more. ”

Anna English and her vice president Adriana Valerio are both going to turn out to be excellent choices for next year’s Student Body President and Vice President. Mentor High’s students wish you good luck and congratulations Madame President and Vice President!

Senior Class President and Vice President: AJ Jerson & Evie Megery

A.J. Jerson

The Juniors this year had to make an excruciatingly difficult choice for their class presidents for next year. But in the end, they have picked AJ Jerson and Evie Megery as their Class President and Vice President! AJ Jerson is tasked with many responsibilities as Senior Class President ranging from having to help plan graduation and actually speaking at graduation.

AJ has been in Student Government for only one year, but do not let that fool you into thinking he won’t be a good Senior Class President. AJ is a well-accomplished student in both Student Government and other activities. AJ is a member of the FCMB, the secretary and crew member for Mentor Theatre, and lastly, he is also on the Principal’s Advisory. Outside of school, AJ enjoys swimming, boating, and spending time with his friends and family.

AJ ran for Senior Class President for many reasons. From wanting to make sure that the Senior class has a voice in what is going on in the school to wanting to bring and present his ideas to the table.

AJ announces, “I also ran for Senior Class President because I knew I had a lot to bring to the table as far as ideas that we could do for the future.”

As far as ideas go, AJ is well equipped with many new ideas that we can implement in the next year’s school year. Even though AJ only has one year of Student Government under his belt, he is very experienced and already well accomplished in Student Government.

Evelyn Megery

Junior Class President: Alleyna Richards

The Sophomore class only had the ability to choose one name this year for voting, Alleyna Richards. Alleyna was the only option for Junior Class President because she is such an excellent candidate that nobody dared to oppose her.

Alleyna has been in Student Government since her Freshman year. She first joined Student Government because she enjoyed it so much during Middle School.

Other than being in Student Government, Alleyna is in multiple other extracurriculars. She is in the Principals Advisory, Sparkle Cheerleading Team, and Book Club. Outside of school though she likes to spend her time volunteering in the community and reading.

This year, Alleyna was the Sophomore Class President which she enjoyed so much that she decided to run again. She also wanted to run again for Junior Class President because she loves the activities that Student Government puts on and planning them.

Alleyna declares, “The position gives me the opportunity to work in a leadership role in Student Government as it is one of my top priorities and something I really care about.”

Alleyna plans to bring back many of the activities that were loved before COVID-19 hit our school and she also plans on bringing new ideas to our school as well.

From seeing her experience and love for Student Government, Alleyna will make a superb Junior Class President for next year.

Sophomore Class President and Vice President: Sarah Blakemore & Annaliese Horton

Sarah Blakemore

Freshmen this year had to make a choice between two candidates, Sarah Blakemore and Annaliese Horton. At the end of the day though, the Freshmen learned that Sarah Blakemore, AKA me (the author of this article), would be their Sophomore Class President for the next school year.

This is my first year in Student Government considering that I am a Freshman. But I joined Student Government this year because I also enjoyed it during Middle School. I also wanted to join a club that was very involved in our community and school.

Some of the clubs I am in other than Student Government are Book Club, Cooking Club, Model U.N, and of course Cardinal Nation. Some things I like to do outside of school are kayaking, skiing, hiking, and playing the piano.

I wanted to run for Sophomore Class President because I thoroughly enjoyed being the Freshman Class President this year and helping out with all of the activities that Student Government hosts. I also ran for Sophomore Class President because I have a lot more ideas that I want to do for next year and the years after.

As Sophomore Class President, I plan on creating more events and activities that are unique to Student Government. I also want to help to make sure that our Student Government schedule is back on track after Covid messed it up a bit. Overall, I am appreciative of this position and plan on using it to the best of my ability.

Annaliese Horton