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MHS Art Award Winners

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“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.” – Harvey Fierstein

At Mentor High School, we teach students to be their most authentic self and express their creativity through many mediums.

Recently various students in our art programs made their mark in the Youth Art Month Exhibit, OAEA Youth Art Month Flag/Graphic Design Contest, PTA Reflections Contest, NAHS Juried Exhibition, 5th Annual Juried High School Art Exhibition at Otterbein University, Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Awards, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Laketran Design a Bus Wrap Contest, and OAEA Emerging Artist Exhibition.

“All of the artwork showcases the incredible talent and imagination of our students,” says Mrs. Coleman, English teacher. “Each piece expresses the artist’s unique vision, and they all highlight the strength of the art program at Mentor High.”

Her words are nothing but the truth. While there were many pieces of art here is what some students and teachers highlighted their opinions on.

Youth Art Month Exhibit

“Surfing on Sunshine” Drawn by Sarah Smith

“I think this student did a phenomenal job at persuading the viewer to feel peace and like a part of the different ecosystems. I also like the artistic take on blending the sky and the hints of pink. As well as the contrast from the sky to the foreground.” – 10th grade student Diya Patel

“Dusk Till Dawn” Drawn by Sichen Thomas

“I think the artist did a tremendous job at conveying the contrast between both scenes. The use of colors and lighting help make the art piece feel much more alive and playful.” 10th grade student Madelyn Lark

OAEA Youth Art Month Flag/Graphic Design Contest 

“Window into Another World” Drawn by Ray Bingman

“The use of contrast between the earthly woman and flower between the bright cosmic bodies and cool colors in the background add a sense of complexity to this piece. It is very visually interesting with the many figures and subject depicted throughout it.” – 10th grade student Ella O’Donnell

PTA Reflections Contest

“Climbing Through Life” Photographed by Lia Graziadei
“Blue Light” Drawn by Helena Cherian

NAHS Juried Exhibition

“Philadelphia” Dry Point Printed by Hallie Cook

“I love the aura this artwork gives off. It is almost haunted, it makes me want to watch Nancy Drew or read Sherlock Holmes.” – 10th grade student

“Still Blooming” Drawn by Abby Harps
“St. Theodosius” Drawn by Lauren Cvetichan

“St. Theodosius was my personal favorite out of the entire show” – Mrs. Skinner

5th Annual Juried High School Art Exhibition at Otterbein University

“Travel II” Drawn by Lauren Cvetichan
“Comfortably Uncomfortable By Discomfort” Drawn by Carl Gracie

Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Awards

“A Troubled Mind Illustration” Drawn by Mary Jane Burnette
“Collection” Drawn by Maria Domic

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

“Nonna’s Treasures” Drawn by Mackenzie Guttu
“Sullen Girl” Drawn and Photographed by Josephine Lozano

This one was one of my personal favorites. I love the lower contrast of the actual drawing compared to the very bold and vibrant photographs in the background.

“Perspectives” Printed by Juliana Slaninka

Laketran Design a Bus Wrap Contest 1st Place Winner 

Designed by Hailey Ambrus

OAEA Emerging Artist Exhibition

“Spreads Like Wildfire” Drawn by John Morek

“I enjoyed the scientific illustration and scale pencil drawings.” – Mrs. Skinner

“Out of the Darkness” Painted by Maggie Coughlin

Overall we saw truly incredible artworks from Mentor Students this year. If you are interested in seeing some other pieces not mentioned in this story use this link to all the art. Additionally, if you are interested in making art like this yourself sign up for art club or one of Mentor’s art courses next year we’d be delighted to spark your creativity.

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