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Mentor High Schools college signing day

Mentor High School’s college signing day

Stephanie Elliott-Albright, Writer May 21, 2024

On April 30  Mentor High School held its final athletic signing day of the year . The athletes who signed their letters were Alexis Berwald (track and field at John Carroll University), Julia Maynard...

Want to join MHS Investing Club?

Want to join MHS Investing Club?

Nicholas Payne and Nathan Colagross May 15, 2024

Do you want to discover the secrets to building wealth? Want to unlock the powers of investing? Want to take control of your future and achieve financial freedom? Come to Mentor High School’s Investing...

MHS Art Award Winners

MHS Art Award Winners

Faith Price, Contributor May 14, 2024

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.” - Harvey Fierstein At Mentor High School, we teach students to be their most authentic self and express their creativity...

Litter Boxes in Schools

Litter Boxes in Schools

Olivia West, Contributor May 10, 2024

I'm sure at least once in your life everyone has heard someone start a story by saying "I heard from a friend of a friend..." or something similar. Typically, whatever they are about to say has gone...

The World of Foreign Exchange Students

The World of Foreign Exchange Students

Nathan Colagross, Contributor May 9, 2024

From across the globe, foreign students flock to Mentor High School (MHS) to study alongside American students, helping them to gain a broader understanding of international cultures and experiences. Flying...


Teaching: Perspective from a first-year teacher

Nicholas Prohaska, Contributor May 8, 2024

Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world. Teachers help children and teenagers grow and develop into successful members in society. Teachers can be amazing role-models and help inspire...


The Dress Code Controversy

Olivia West, Contributor May 7, 2024

Dress codes are a common thing to see in school guidelines nowadays. A dress code aims to keep students looking professional and wearing appropriate clothing. Private schools typically have uniforms, while...

Then and Now: Mentor High Schools Clinic

Then and Now: Mentor High School’s Clinic

Nicholas Prohaska, Contributor May 6, 2024

Advisor's Note: "Then and Now" is a new idea for story submissions in Cardinal Nation. In the past we have shared stories from previous Mentor High School newspapers including The Mentor Log and Inkwell....

Titled File:Green Day in House of Blues, Cleveland 2015.png on Wikimedia Commons.

The History of Green Day

Brian Mignogna, Contributor May 3, 2024

Green Day - one of the best known pop punk bands in America today, and often credited for helping to bring the genre into the mainstream and influence acts in a similar vein. Green Day have left their...

The Results of the November Elections for Mentor Schools

The Results of the November Elections for Mentor Schools

Alexander Knowles, Contributor April 16, 2024

Now that the board is seated, here are the member’s agenda items and further details on the status of the permanent levy that failed in November. In regards to levies, Mentor voters had two to consider. Issue...

Mentor Theatre is a member of the International Thespian Society as Troupe #6

Mentor Theatre spring musical time!

Tim Tilton, Contributor April 15, 2024

For an entire century, Mentor High School has been proud to entertain its students, staff, and their families with its theatre productions. From comedies to tragedies, reviews from those involved and those...

Skool Rules #4

Skool Rules #4

Dylan Berteau, Contributor April 11, 2024

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