Welcome to Cardinal Nation!

This is the Mentor High School online newspaper for the student body – written by and for students.


Mr. Steve Couch, Advisor

Most high schools across the United States have a student newspaper. For years, Mentor High School has as well.

As early as the 1960s, there was a student newspaper called The Mentor High School Log (check out our “From the Archives” section to see one of their original stories from 1975!) In the 1990s, Mentor High School had an award-winning student newspaper called The Inkwell. Check out their last online edition:

The Inkwell

When I became the advisor this past fall, it seemed that The Inkwell was due for a change in branding. (After all – as we were going strictly online, there no longer aren’t even any ink wells involved!) Over several meetings with the only holdover from the old Inkwell staff, junior Evie Megery and I came up with Cardinal Nation. This new title seems to appropriately embrace what a Mentor High School online newspaper should be – a place where current, future, and past Mentor High School students can all congregate together online and make the hashtag #onceacard a reality.

Cardinal Nation (Produced by Mrs. Ford’s GenYes team.)

But even though this online newspaper is viewable by anyone in the world by virtue of being on the internet, this publication is primarily for the students. Cardinal Nation has a small staff to start, but they are dedicated and have worked hard to create a new site with the support of the administration of the Mentor Public Schools, especially Principal Jason Crowe and Superintendent William Porter – two leaders from whom you will hear in this debut issue.

But we would like to hear from you, the student body. What do you have to say? Does your sport or activity fail to generate the type of coverage as other groups? Is there a student or member of the Mentor community that has a story to tell? Do you wish to be a comic strip artist? See a great movie and want to write a review? Love that new album and want to write about it to a larger audience? Have questions about our school that need answered and want to use the “power of the press” to get them as a student journalist? Have a hidden talent that you want to share? Interested in photography? Videography? Want to try a podcast? Then be a Cardinal Nation contributor!

What are you waiting for?

E-mail us at [email protected]mentorschools.org, Follow us on Twitter @CardinalN8ion or on Instagram @cardinaln8ion

You can also download an app for Cardinal Nation directly on to your phone! Just search “Student News Source” in the App store on your phone and you can get notifications anytime a new story is posted!

See you online 🙂

Mr. Steve Couch

Cardinal Nation Advisor

Twitter: @MrCouchMHS