The Mentor Orchestra Concert Season in Review

Catch their final concert of the year May 10


Mannheim Orchestra at Youngstown University

Cardinal TV

Before the school year started, individuals of Mannheim Orchestra went down to Youngstown University for a week. During this week, every day there were eight to ten hours of rehearsal along with team bonding.

The Mentor Orchestra program had three concerts along with the Fall Music Festival (featured video). On October 13th, 2022, Symphony and Mannheim Orchestra debuted for the first time this school year, and a video of that concert is also listed here.

In December, all four orchestras had their winter concert. On February 17, 2023, three Mentor orchestras debuted what they were playing at the Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) contests.

At OMEA this year, Symphony Orchestra participated in Class AA and got a ranking of I, as did Mannheim Orchestra. Sinfonia Orchestra participated in Class B and got a ranking of II. For OMEA, orchestras have to play three pieces, two of which are on the OMEA piece list, and one is decided by the group. After the three pieces were played the orchestra then has a sight-reading section in which the orchestras play a brand new piece they have never seen before.

MHS Orchestra Concert (October 13)

Throughout this year, all four orchestras improved their skills and on May 10th at the Fine Arts Center, Mentor’s orchestra program is having its last concert for the school year of 2022-23. At this concert all four orchestras along with both Cardinal quartets will be playing a wide variety of pieces, along with an award ceremony recognizing the students hard work.