From the Archives – Mentor Log (October 2, 1975)

Mr. Steve Couch and Steven Dohm

Please enjoy this archived article from the old Mentor High School Log, one of the earlier incarnations of the Mentor High School student newspaper. Special thanks to Mr. Sanelli for finding these in an old bureau taken from the old Mentor High School Library during its renovation into the Hub. Also thanks to Mrs. Ford and the GenYes team for scanning and sharing the original article.

Back in the day, the Mentor Log would print student “mini editorials” on, well, just about anything. In this edition, students opined on school policies to national news to fashion trends. The Cardinal Nation staff looks forward to having that same opportunity soon. Until then, enjoy these – OMG – student editorials! – Mr. Couch, Cardinal Nation Advisor

October 2, 1975

Mini Editorials Study Tardies, Ford

It appears that this year the administration is beginning to enforce stricter policies on those students who come to school late.

For years, teachers have threatened everything from detentions to suspensions as penalties for tardiness. These threats were seldom enforced, and even when they were carried out, they never seemed to be effective. At last, they have begun to stand behind the policy that three tardies enables parents to receive a call from the school. Further action includes detentions if necessary. 

Perhaps this will curb the number of students who feel that they can come to school at any time which suits them, and teach them the responsibility of arriving when expected.


In the past month, there have been two assassination attempts on the life of President Gerald R. Ford.

“Squeaky” Fromme said that she wanted to help clean up the environment, and that Ford was not attempting to ameliorate the problem.

Almost certainly we can expect the second assassin to fabricate a similar excuse. The point is, however, that change for the better is hard to come by, and killing one person, whether he be leader or plebeian, will not make change come any easier.

The final solution to any problem is not violence, but cooperation from all involved.

Armfuls of bracelets forecast for fall

Armfuls of bracelets are forecast for fall: classic bangles, hinged bangles, chain links and flexible cuffs to be mixed or matched.

Pile on necklaces

Pile on the necklaces to follow fall fashion dictates. Chokers and chains will be worn to fill in or frame necklines.