From the Archives – Mentor Log (October 2, 1975)

What was MHS Student Council concerned about in 1975?

Mr. Steve Couch and Steven Dohm

Please enjoy this archived article from the old Mentor High School Log, one of the earlier incarnations of the Mentor High School student newspaper. Special thanks to Mr. Sanelli for finding these in an old bureau taken from the old Mentor High School Library during its renovation into the Hub. Also thanks to Mrs. Ford and the GenYes team for scanning and sharing the original article.

This story talks about the issues Student Council was most concerned about in student life in 1975. These students roamed these same halls. One wonders if they would have envied the senior nook by the Student Center 🙂 

On a personal note, Mrs. Hanrahan was still the principal when I graduated from Mentor in 1988.  – Mr. Couch, Cardinal Nation Advisor

October 2, 1975

Council Presents Opinions on Pertinent School Issues

The Student Council has started the 1975-’76 school year with ideas for many projects. At the first meeting, held Sept. 16 during modules 9 and 10, Filip Bladini, the foreign exchange student was introduced. The council decided to rent the air hockey machine again this year. Profits made from the first two weeks the game is in use will be donated to the United Way Drive.

Possibility of a bicentennial mural near the principal’s office was discussed. Student council has money for paint and will paint some classrooms. More exchanges are planned for this year. Council members will try to visit one school each month starting with Lake Catholic High School. 

In order to improve the Student Center, picnic tables in the senior court and in the student commons area will be repaired. Also discussed was the idea of a new fence to replace the snow fence around the commons area. More garbage cans will be provided for the student center.

Members wanted to lengthen the time between modules to five minutes. This is impossible because the five minutes would shorten class time below the state required class time, according to MHS principal, Mrs. Peggy Hanrahan.

It was requested that WZRO increase the volume of their music and play music through all the speakers before homeroom. Some people wanted the radio station to get new records or to let students bring in their own records.

Brought up again was the question of a senior lounge. A committee was set up to investigate the possibilities. Representatives were concerned that the paraprofessionals were closing the lavatories during lunch. Paraprofessionals will be present at the next meeting to discuss this and other problems.