Bring Your Spirit for Spirit Week!

Mentor High is Hosting Another Spirit Week This Coming Week!


Sarah Blakemore

Another Spirit Week is kicking off at Mentor High School this coming Monday! Hosted by Student Government, students know that this Spirit Week might be one of the best yet. As seen before, Student Government comes up with exciting Spirit Day ideas such as the “Anything But a Bag Day” where students ditched their bookbags for their hampers, suitcase, and even… a little kids’ car? Even though seeing a tiny car coming down the hallway might have been the highlight of everyone’s day, there certainly won’t be any this week. You might be seeing an Adam Sandler instead.

MONDAY – Adam Sandler Day

Since the start of the school year, many Student Government members have been advocating for the infamous “Adam Sandler Day”, and it is finally here. If you have ever seen a picture of Adam Sandler you know what this day means. Adam Sandler is notorious for his dress choices. And no, his outfits don’t consist of a thousand-dollar shirt or a Gucci belt. More like some Nike basketball shorts, a T-shirt, and maybe some sunglasses if he’s feeling fancy. So, for this day students should probably dig up their basketball shorts, not including the kids who wear them in 30-degree weather, and find an oversized shirt. Students could also wear some oversized sweatpants and or hoodies too since it still snows in Ohio in April.

Serious Adam Sandler Fashion Analysis

TUESDAY – College Day

As the school year is coming to an end, that means that Seniors are graduating and many are going off to college. College day is the chance for these seniors to show off where they are going next year. Since a majority of the school are not committed to a college, students can wear any spirit wear from any school. This spirit wear can consist of hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, and any other college merch. Students can represent any college from anywhere on Tuesday! Students can even wear Harvard and Yale shirts, some people might even think you are going there next year!

WEDNESDAY – Hawaiian Day

To end the year and transition into summer, Mentor High School obviously needed a Hawaiian day. Since Ohio is definitely not a tropical island, students are going to have to bring their all when it comes to Hawaiian Day! On Wednesday, students can bring out their Hawaiian shirts and grab a lei to complete their Hawaiian outfits. Students can also go with the classic Hawaiian dad look, you will just have to find a fanny pack, some Kakhi shorts, and come equipped with some dad jokes. What is a low Hawaiian laugh? Aloha.

THURSDAY – Super Hero Day

With many new superhero movies coming out recently, there of course had to be a superhero day. For Super Hero Day, students can dress up as their favorite superheroes. Students can wear T-shirts, or other clothing to show their support for their favorite superhero, or they can even dress up like them. Superheroes don’t always have to be in movies as well, so technically students can dress up as anybody who they think is worthy enough to call a superhero. Someone might be dressing up as superman and you might be dressing up as the janitor because he’s a superhero too!

Did you know Superman is a Clevelander? True!

FRIDAY – Mentor Day

How could this Spirit Week not end off on an actual Spirit day? Well, thankfully it does. On Mentor Day, students can wear anything Mentor-themed. For example, students can wear their Mentor High School spirit wear or any other shirt or hoodie that is Mentor-themed. Mentor-Day is also perfect for Friday since there is an assembly on the same day, yes the spring assembly is on Friday! So, students should wear something, anything Mentor-themed to represent their community on Friday.