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The Switch to Early-Dismissal

The Switch to Early-Dismissal

Nathan Colagross and Nicholas Payne March 5, 2024

Beginning on March 6, the schedule of Wednesdays at Mentor High School is set to change. From being able to arrive at school almost an hour later than usual, students will now be dismissed an hour early....

Ren Rader

Mentor High School Has a Time Capsule!

Loren Wandersleben and Justus Maruschke January 17, 2023

You may have heard rumors of a lost treasure from staff or students, but we can confirm those rumors are true. For thirty years, a time capsule has been hiding in Mentor High School. Maybe you know...

Remote learning at MHS is now part of the calendar

Remote Days – Why Do We Have Them?

Quinn Fuerst, Editor November 8, 2022

Over the summer the Mentor Schools administration came together to plan out the school year. This year, they decided to give the high school one remote day per quarter. This came as a surprise to many...

MHS Photo IDs: Why do we have them?

MHS Photo IDs: Why do we have them?

Evelyn Megery, Editor September 16, 2022

Within the first few weeks of school, every student at MHS gets their picture taken for the yearbook, Infinite Campus, and — for some reason unknown to many students — student ID badges. We receive...

The Koman-Spreng-Zonneville Military Signing Ceremony Once Again Makes MHS a Purple Star School

Christopher Knutson, Contributor May 31, 2022

With Memorial Day weekend comes, for most Americans, time to relax and spend time outside with family. For many high schoolers, this might just represent another long weekend or mark the end of the school...

The Mentor High School student walkout in November 2021 raised awareness for a number of issues.

Cardinal Nation Exclusive: Student Walkout – What has changed?

Juliana Gunvalsen, Editor April 6, 2022
Principal Jason Crowe addressed several questions posed to him by Cardinal Nation on Wednesday, February 9th regarding the aftermath of the event.
Mentor bathrooms

School Restrooms: Why Are They Always Closed?

Chris Knutson, Contributor April 6, 2022
If students are seeking the most out of their time in high school, then it is only in their best interest to take care of it while they are here.
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