Staff Profile – Mrs. Talarczyk

Meet Mrs. Talarczyk from the Math Department!


Mr. Steve Couch, Advisor

Name: Patricia Talarczyk

Subjects: AP Research, Instructional Coach

Cardinal Nation: How long have you been teaching? And where?

Mrs. Talarczyk: Fifteen years, all at Mentor High School

Cardinal Nation: Why did you become a teacher?

Mrs. Talarczyk: I always enjoyed school and loved learning. I hope to support a love of learning in others. Also I like to have a job that is never boring. As a teacher, there is always something new to try or ways to improve and grow.

Cardinal Nation: What can you tell us about your family?

Mrs. Talarczyk: I am married and have two kids and three cats.

Cardinal Nation: What are some of your hobbies?

Mrs. Talarczyk: Swimming, reading

Cardinal Nation: What is your favorite story of you in high school?

Mrs. Talarczyk: One day during my senior year at Euclid, I jumped into the pool with my clothes on. That was the day I learned that the high school had a laundry room in the basement. I sat in lost and found clothes while my regular clothes were in the dryer.

Cardinal Nation: What are some of your obsessives?

Mrs. Talarczyk: I coach Swimming in Mentor. I also coach my daughters elementary school track team. I support the STEM Honors Diploma candidates and am the United Way club advisor.

Cardinal Nation: What’s the best advice you’ve been given or that you can share?

Mrs. Talarczyk: When you’re feeling overwhelmed with things to do, take a moment to do nothing. It’s okay to take a break to clear your stress and make a plan.

Twitter: @talarczykmath