From the Archives – Mentor Log (October 30, 1975)

When did MHS get its alma mater? Apparently it was about 50 years ago

Mr. Steve Couch and Steven Dohm

Please enjoy this archived article from the old Mentor High School Log, one of the earlier incarnations of the Mentor High School student newspaper. Special thanks to Mr. Sanelli for finding these in an old bureau taken from the old Mentor High School Library during its renovation into the Hub. Also thanks to Mrs. Ford and the GenYes team for scanning and sharing the original article.

This article, interestingly, talks about the discussion MHS was having in the fall of 1975 about having a new Alma Mater. That Alma Mater would eventually be written by long-time vocal music director and Top 25 founder, Mr. Ted Hieronymus.  – Mr. Couch, Cardinal Nation Advisor

October 30, 1975

MHS LOG endorses new alma mater

Recently Student Council announced that a new alma mater for Mentor High is under consideration.

Reasons supporting the change include the fact that the present school song was written in 1931 by a faculty member of a large university. The newer version was composed by a group of MHS students last year. While the tune of the older song is used by many schools, the other would be Mentor’s exclusively.

The present alma mater is mainly concerned with the area of athletics, an activity in which many students do not participate or even have an interest. The proposed replacement is more general, dealing with more facets of the school and of school life.

Some will undoubtedly argue that an alma mater is traditional, a hallowed custom that ought not to be changed. Change will ruin, not improve, they’ll protest. But when an improvement is obviously needed, it seems narrow-minded to ignore it for the sake of tradition.

The alma mater belongs to the students. They are urged to learn it as an indication of pride in their school. But many never bother to do so. Perhaps they don’t feel that it adequately represents them. A replacement with words that are relevant and inspiring could prove to be the long-awaited link between past and present. 

In conclusion, we feel that a worthwhile objective would be achieved in the adoption of the new alma mater.