Voter’s Guide 2022: Ohio Midterm Elections

Election time is already underway in Ohio and across the nation.


Election time is already underway in Ohio and across the nation.

Juliana Gunvalsen, Contributor

Let’s face it: most people find it overwhelming to research every issue and find a candidate that they feel most represents their views. That’s why we’re here to make it easy. Here you will find a little information about some of the most important issues and candidates on the ballot November 8th.

Ohio Issue 1, Determining Bail Amount Based on Public Safety Amendment (2022)

What is it?: If passed, this amendment would “Require Ohio courts, when setting the amount of bail, to consider public safety, including the seriousness of the offense, as well as a person’s criminal record, the likelihood a person will return to court, and any other factor the Ohio General Assembly may prescribe.” It would also “Remove the requirement that the procedures for establishing the amount and conditions of bail be determined by the Supreme Court of Ohio.”

In Favor: Attorney General, Dave Yost (R) “By sending unambiguous language to Ohioans that public safety and other considerations must be included when determining bail, Ohioans can definitively instruct the court with their votes about their desire for public safety to be restored to the bail analysis.”

Against: State Senator, Cecil Thomas (D-9) “Good prosecutors in Ohio already know how to keep dangerous suspects in jail pending trial. They request a detention hearing and present evidence about the risk to public safety. This ensures that before denying a person who is still considered innocent their freedom, due process rights must be respected and enforced. A judge can also decide to hold a defendant without bail.”

Ohio Issue 2, Citizenship Voting Requirement Amendment

What is it?: This issue is a matter of the language being used within Ohio’s Constitution. This amendment would change the phrase “Every citizen of the United States … is entitled to vote at all elections.” to “Only a citizen of the United States… is entitled to vote at all elections.” Voters must meet the following qualifications: being 18 years or older, being a resident of the state, county, township, or ward, having been registered to vote for thirty days, and having the qualifications of an elector.

In Favor: Secretary of State of Ohio, Frank LaRose (R) “The state law has always been clear that only U.S. citizens can vote in state elections and there is a federal law that prevents non-citizens from voting in federal elections.”

Against: State Representative, Bishara Addison (D-9) “I believe that this is another attempt at suppressing the vote and keeping individuals from being able to participate in their local community … If you’re paying taxes, you should have a say in what’s happening in your local community.”

Senate Race

Tim Ryan (D): An Ohio native, Ryan received his bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green, as well as his his J.D. from the University of New Hampshire School of Lawand, and has been involved in politics since 2000. He currently serves as a Representative for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District. Much of his campaign has revolved around supporting the working class. The first three issues listed on his website are: the economy, education, and energy.

Visit his website.

JD Vance (R): Following his high school graduation, Vance enlisted in the Marine Corps for four years. After leaving, he pursued an education at The Ohio State University and continued to get his Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School. He completed two clerkships and worked as a litigation associate in Washington, D.C.. Although a self-proclaimed, “conservative outsider” Vance has been endorsed by prominent Republicans, most notably perhaps former President Donald Trump. His top three issues are listed as: “American decline was a choice”, spending and inflation, and advocate for energy independence.

Visit his website.

U.S. House Ohio District 14

Dave Joyce (R, incumbent): Joyce has held this position for 9 years, since 2013. Prior to this, he served as the prosecuting attorney for Geauga County from 1988 to 2012. Joyce boasts “successfully securing critical funding each year for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)” and maintaining safety throughout the communities he represents. He lists his top priorities as the Great Lakes, public safety, and economy and jobs.

Visit his website.

Matt Kilboy (D): Prior to serving in the Navy for eight years, Matt received his bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and his master’s North Carolina State University. Although this would be his first political office, he has previous leadership experience as a small business owner. His goals include repairing the economy, safety, and making healthcare affordable.

Visit his website.

Ohio House of Representatives District 57

Jamie Callender (R, incumbent): Callender currently represents Ohio District 61 and is seeking reelection for District 57. He has been in office since 2019 and has served on the following committees this year: Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review Committee (Vice-Chair), House Finance Committee, State and Local Government Committee, House Public Utilities Committee, and the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee. The top issues on his website are listed as: “make Ohio more competitive”, “education is the passport to opportunity”, “protecting our 2nd amendment rights”, and “defending life”.

Visit his website.

Evan Rosborough (D): After graduating from Riverside High School, Rosborough received his bachelor’s degree from Lake Erie College. As of now, Evan is the head of a business company specializing in health technology. He explains that his experience living in places such as Colorado has helped him to understand what Lake County excels at and what we can do better. His top three issues are listed as: environment, education, and public integrity.

Visit his website.

Ohio Governor

Mike DeWine (R, incumbent): Born in Springfield, OH, DeWine graduated from Miami University of Ohio and continued to get his law degree from Ohio Northern University. He is a part-owner of a family ownership group, DeWine Seeds Silver Dollar Baseball. He has previously served Ohio as Attorney General, Lieutenant General, and as the Representative for District 7. His top issues are listed as “upskilling Ohio’s workers”, bolstering the economy, and bringing jobs “back home”.

Visit his website.

Nan Whaley (D): Although an Indiana native, Whaley graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in chemistry and went on to pursue a master’s in public administration at Wright State University. She worked as the executive director for the Montgomery County Democratic Party as well as the mayor of Dayton. As the first woman in Ohio to win a major party’s nomination, she is focused on investing in Ohio, restoring ethics, and protecting Ohio.

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