Why is Red Ribbon Week Important?

Drug use is more than a legal issue – it is a health one.



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Casey Gray, Contributor

Red Ribbon Week began yesterday, and Cardinal Nation profiled its history. But why is it important?

Substance abuse can lead to a myriad of issues, including increases in risky behaviors, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stunted growth. The CDC states that alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco are commonly used by teens. In order for us to live our best lives, staying away from said substances is one of the aspects in doing so.

You are more at risk as an adolescent to fall victim to drug use if you:

  • Have Trauma
  • Were exposed to drugs as an infant, child, or currently
  • Have bad Genetics
  • Have family history with drug abuse
  • Have mental health issues
  • Have low academic success

No matter the circumstances, using drugs to cope with issues shouldn’t be a habit. If you are struggling with substance abuse, SAMHSA National Helpline is at 1-800-662-4357.

The theme of the 2022 National Red Ribbon Week Theme, Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.™. was created by Emily King, Chelsea Abbott, and Celise Wicker, 7th graders at Wayland-Cohocton Middle School in Wayland, New York (Emily King, Chelsea Abbott, and Celise Wicker)