Perfect Summer

Have a great one, Cardinal Nation!


Quinn Fuerst , Contributor

What are we supposed to do over the summer when we are not busy with school and extracurriculars?

The first thing to do over the summer is to go to Mentor Headlands beach. We have the luxury of living by a lake so go and enjoy the beach and the water. Also go to the Mentor Lagoons. This is where you can enjoy paddle boarding and kayaking. Another fun thing to do at the beach is to go and watch the sunset and sunrise.

Headlands Beach State Park, an Ohio State Park located near Chardon, Chesterland and Cleveland

The next suggestion and to go and check out new restaurants. You can go and get pizza at places like Longo’s and Tony Saccos.


Other Mentor favorites include Condado’s that is opening up this week. You will be able to get a customizable taco. On a hot summer day there is nothing better than some Ice Cream. We have some amazing places such as Ice Cream On the Green and King Kone.

After you go and get ice cream, go and listen to the Mentor rocks concerts. They are every Tuesday starting in June. Lastly you can go to various festivals such as St. Gabriel and St. John Vianney. You will be able to hangout and play games and get good food at these festivals. Other places to visit that are further are downtown Cleveland where you can go to Guardians games and the Sandusky area. This includes Put-In-Bay and Cedar Point.

Have a great summer, relax and be safe!