Meet Pamela Jones Tice – 2022 Inductee into the Mentor High School Alumni Hall of Fame

Tice has excelled in the education profession


Sarah Blakemore, Contributor

In 1967, Mentor High School student Pamela Jones Tice graduated and started her career in education. Pamela was not any ordinary teacher, though. She pushed the limits through her teaching years with multiple achievements and actions. Outside of education, Pamela has also built an interest in singing which has brought her many unique experiences.

After Pamela’s graduation from Mentor High School, she attended Heidelberg University and earned her B.A. in Elementary Education. Later in life, she attended Gwynedd-Mercy University where she acquired her Masters in Educational Administration. She used these degrees to further her knowledge and understanding revolving around the subject of Education.

Pamela has made curriculums and teaching methods for STEM-based classrooms, as well as a curriculum that matches the criteria for state and national standards. Pamela has also joined a team to aid challenged school systems with their STEM programs. With all of these accomplishments and actions, she has grown many students’ interests in STEM and has formulated a deep understanding of STEM into her students’ minds.

Along with furthering STEM classrooms and curriculums in the United States, she has also worked with teachers in places such as Cairo, Egypt. In Cairo, Pamela has taught teachers how to better their STEM instruction and their teaching overall by instructing them how to make lesson plans, learning practices, and much more.

Other than being an outstanding educator, Pamela has found joy in many other things as well. For example, she has found happiness in singing. She has sung at many places such as Lincoln Center, the Academy of Music of Philadelphia, and many others. Along with singing, Pamela is a prominent member of the Emile United Methodist Church. There, she has many roles such as being the Sunday School Teacher, Co-Chair of Finance, Lay Leader, and much more.

Pamela Jones Tice has been inducted into the Mentor High School Alumni Hall of Fame for her exceptional work in her community and for furthering the education of children all across the globe.