Mentor Mock Trial wants you!

Mock tri·al – [ mok ] /ˈtrī(ə)l/ – A simulated trial where students receive the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to effectively carry out positional duties, and get pizza…



The award winning Mentor High School Mock Trial team wants you!

Megan Meeker and Haniyah Imran

Join us on Wednesday, May 3 in Paradigm 5 at 6:30 p.m.! 

The Mentor Mock Trial team at the virtual competition 2021-2022.
Starting at the left William Putney, Alexander Nicoletti, Megan Meeker, Alexzander Babul, Lorelai Megery, Kyle Kinford, Piper Usera, Ethan Franck, Zackery Zagar, Cheyenne Johnson, Arianna Huffman, Sarah Ticel, Loren Wandersleben, Zoe Howiler, Evelyn Skowronsky, Haniyah Imran, Robert Land, Caroline Stevenson, and Kara Cofer.

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is an after-school extracurricular club that offers an innovative approach to learning the law and how the legal system functions (OCLRE). The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education (OCLRE) sends out a case, in which participating HS Mock Trial Teams read, analyze, create their own material from the case provided, and argue their side of the case. Team members participate in simulated trials performed by students (Attorneys), played by students (Witnesses), and compete against other schools when arguing their side of the case in real courtrooms across Ohio. 

Mentor Mock Trial is fully dependent on student work, meaning every team member contributes to the process; no one is left out. We like to create an enjoyable, fun, but efficient learning environment for all of our members to achieve success with their positions on the team, and to garner some life skills. Participation in Mock Trial allows one to achieve a cord for graduation (Seniors), Academic Lettering, Improve public speaking and team working skills, encourages interaction with a variety of students, and awards from the OCLRE. 

Case summary from 2019-2020:

From the beginning of the mock trial competitions, simulations have always tackled tough issues – such as in this case of Rory Maldonado V. Blake Varga, ET AL.

Rory was a senior at Trillium High School who is an avid supporter of their second amendment rights and in 2019, Rory had decided to organize a rally and sent out information on their private Twitter. The Rally would begin with a walk-out from the school to a public park that was located nearby the school and was highly stressed to be a peaceful protest. Word of this protest reached Blake Varga, the current principal at the time. Principal Varga sent out an announcement that every person that would attend this Rally would be suspended. while driving home, they spotted the protest still happening despite their clear instructions. (Attendees of the Rally included loud and aggressive counter-protesters, some of which were students and others who stood quietly off to the side). The following Monday, Rory received a full suspension and was not allowed to participate in any senior activities including walking at graduation. The issue at hand was Rory is suing Varga for damages to their academic record and for violating their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. 

Do you believe Rory received fair treatment? Do you believe Rory should get legal compensation? Tell us on May 3rd at our next meeting!

But don’t take our word for it on the value of participating. Hear from some alumni and current members of our Mock Trial team here below:

Waliyah Imran (Class of 2021)

Role in Mock Trial: Witness, Attorney, and co-captain. 

Would you recommend This club to high school students?

(Yes.) It helps you grow as a student and build useful skills that can be used throughout your future that you may not receive without mock trial. Also, it is free so anyone can join.

Danny Molica (Class of 2021)

Role in Mock Trial: My role was always to be an attorney of some kind while in mock trial. Then during my senior year, I was one of the co-captains with Waliyah, on top of being an attorney.

Why did you join the team, and why was Mock Trial important?

Mock trial was really important to me because it helped me with personal issues along with getting me into a career I want in the future. A part of me viewed the club as a way to overcome my anxiety while making myself better at speaking and working with people. I also knew for a long time that I was very interested in a law career, so mock trial was the perfect way to get some good experience.

If you could explain your experience in ten words, what would they be?

Satisfying and exciting work that you’ll never want to forget.

Alex Nicoletti (Class of 2025)

Role in Mock Trial: Closing attorney.

Why did you join Mock Trial?

I found it intriguing from the (previous) announcements and from personal interest in law.

How has Mock Trial helped you since you joined? 

It has helped me by allowing me to meet wonderful friends and gain argumentative skills which I will use later in my life.

Closing Argument (Conclusion)

We have listed the benefits, proving that mock trial is not just another club – but it is up to you to decide. There are no negatives to joining as you only learn and develop skills, make friends, and become part of something great. Spoken from real members, no matter what their position is or was, they felt welcomed and had a sense of community.

I won’t lie and say it will be easy or not time-consuming, but in the end, it is worth every second. Participation in Mock Trial allows you to receive a cord for graduation (Senior Year), Academic Lettering, improve public speaking and team working skills, encourages interaction with a variety of students, and awards from the OCLRE and so much more!  This team looks forward to meeting you, so what’s stopping you?

Contact us:

If you wish to learn more about Mock Trial and or can’t make the meeting on May 3rd, at 6:30 pm, email us at 

[email protected] – Mrs.DiNovo (Legal advisor, leader)

[email protected] – Megan Meeker  (Trusted Member)

[email protected] – Haniyah Imran (Trusted Member)

Meetings throughout the school year are Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. starting in September and running through February.

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