Staff Profile – Mrs. Jares

Meet Mrs. Jares of the Math Department!

Staff Profile - Mrs. Jares

Mr. Steve Couch, Advisor

Name: Tonimarie Jares

Subject: Algebra and Geometry

Cardinal Nation: How long have you been teaching? And where?

Mrs. Jares: Thirty-one years, all in Mentor.

Cardinal Nation: Why did you become a teacher?

Mrs. Jares: I love math and I wanted to share that love and passion with students.

Cardinal Nation: What can you tell us about your family?

Mrs. Jares: Married 23 years and I have two kids, Nicole and Nicholas.

Cardinal Nation: What are some of your hobbies?

Mrs. Jares: I like to jog and walk and I love to dance.

Cardinal Nation: What is your favorite story of you in high school?

Mrs. Jares: I was never absent a day in high school because I didn’t want to miss math class  and was on time every day except one.

Cardinal Nation: What are some of your obsessives?

Mrs. Jares: Dancing to music and I love watching football and I love the Cleveland Browns.

Cardinal Nation: Do you have any hidden talents that might surprise people?

Mrs. Jares: NONE!

Cardinal Nation: What’s the best advice you’ve been given or that you can share?

Mrs. Jares: A great work ethic is a big part of being successful.